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Geraldine McMahon, the founder of "Affairs of the Harp" says:
I founded "Affairs of the Harp" fifteen years ago when I realised that there was a need for a source of secondhand harps and a facility for the general public to find a harpist/harp teacher. I had lived in America for some years and in Chicago for over two years and it was here that I developed my love of, and interest in, old Lyon and Healy harps in particular. As a harpist, I am able to source a harp for its sound quality and condition.
I am extremely lucky to have Alan Harbour of Munson and Harbour to service and regulate any of the harps that I find whether from abroad or from the United Kingdom. His wood work is superb- the work of a real craftsman who served his apprenticeship with John Morley. He takes a real pride in his work, but at the same time is totally modest and unassuming!
The harp world has changed hugely in the fifteen years since I set up the website. There are many more harp teachers, more harp students and far better access to instruments. I was lucky enough to be able to study the harp when I was at school because there happened to be an old Erard Grecian tucked away in the staff dining room! I came from a family of 5 and there was no money for the luxury of my own harp. I eventually acquired an instrument when my harp teacher moved from London to Gloucestershire and had to "downsize". She let me have one of her Erards for a very reduced price! That set me on the road !
I hope that through "Affairs of the Harp" students or professionals will be able to find the "harp of their dreams"! There are many types, makes and styles of harps - something for everyone!
We also offer a range of accessories. A specially designed harp trolley will be available very shortly! It has taken eighteen months to perfect and I hope that it will fill the need for a trolley that is light, durable, easily manoeuverable and at a reasonable price!
We also have some beautiful gifts- all specially commissioned and designed with the harpist or harp lover in mind !
Happy Harping
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