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Harp Trolley

Harp Trolley
Harp Trolley Harp Trolley Harp Trolley
Product Code: AOTHHT
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Price: £320.00
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Custom Made Harp Trolley- now available!

This is a "trolley for life"- long lasting with puncture proof rubber wheels. 

  • Free standing when loading and unloading harp.
  • Formed Steel Tube Handles with four mounts for straps.
  • Formed Steel Tray (2mm thick)to transport any size of harp - from the largest concert grand to the smallest 40 string harp. It is possible to wheel some semi-grand and smaller harps (UNCOVERED) without folding up the pedals.
  • Steel tube Axle with welded inserts
  • Grey non-marking puncture proof wheels
  • Stainless Steel hub covers
  • Complete Assy Mig and Tig welded
  • Painted Black
  • Supplied with 2 straps- for top and base of harp
  • Bass strap will retain the base transport covers of the harp so that it does not rub on the wheels. 
  • Fantastic balance and wheeling properties - easy to manoeuvre over the toughest surface- gravel paths included!

This trolley, unlike others on the market, will not deteriorate with age and the wheels will not drop off or will never need re-inflation.

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